My name is Jonny Souter, and for as long as I can recall have been intensely interested in maximising human physical performance, body composition, and health. I strongly consider nutrition to be of foremost importance in these endeavours, so I love to stay up-to-date with the latest research of human nutrition. I have an autodidactic thirst for this field of study, and Physio Phyt will serve to keep health-conscious individuals abreast of an array of health topics.

I am a final-year student of physiotherapy, so I will be integrating nutrition into this study of human movement. I believe physiotherapy and nutrition complement each other significantly, and this notion will permeate the profession with time. Moreover, I aim to catapult a new breed of physiotherapists, whereby we approach our craft with a preventative focus, by means of strength programming. Passive physiotherapy approaches, that are reactive in nature, are not the way of the future. We must empower our patients.

Join me in the journey to optimising our genetic makeup: physically, mentally, and aesthetically.

For my Japanese friends my blog, Physio Phyt, is now available in Japanese. Feel free to read it, and provide feedback on where translation can improve! Thank you very much.

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